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Welcome to TEqLOGIC - Cloud Computing Specialist

Why TEqLOGIC Cloud Service

TEqLOGIC's cloud offering removes the capital costs associated with in-house IT, such as buying new PC's, Servers, Microsoft Software and IT staff,replacing this with a simple cost per user per month model - that is more cost effective and faster than in-house equivalents. We take cloud computing further by including a Cisco cloud based phone system as an option also >>> Total Office

Whilst at a top 5 international law firm in London we provided access to their London accounts system to users in Hong Kong - our first cloud computing experience over 10 years ago. Since then we have delivered similar cloud solutions for 3 other top 100 law firms. Like the utilities above IT & Telephony are no different in that they can be delivered on demand.

... Should IT Be Any Different?

TEqLOGIC's Total Office solution packages a turnkey outsourced computer systems network consisting of a blue chip level IT and Phone system - Logic Portal and Logic Portal Telephony. Our challenge to you is to compare our expertly configured outsourced services to what you currently use, focusing on features and cost per annum.

You connect your computers and phones (without difficulty) into our network and instantly obtain state of the art computer and telephony services. Save and get more features click here >>> Total Office

Our other cost effective enterprise services include:


Cloud Computing for All:

1. Secure Logon

2. Access your Desktop